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Welcome to Brazil, South America's largest nation. Its natural beauty and unique culture attract more than 5 million foreign visitors each year. Read on to see it for yourself.


Get to know Brazil! Get the facts about its land, products, and people.


Official name: Federative Republic of Brazil


Size: 3,827,612square miles ( 8,514,877 square kilometers); about the size of the U.S.


Population: 203,429,773 as of July 2011


Capital: Brasília


Official Languages: Portuguese


Climate: Mostly tropical; cooler in the south


Currency: Real


Agriculture Products: coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, citrus, beef


Industries: textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, lumber, iron ore, tin, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles


Products: Coffee, soybeans; beef; iron ore; footwear, motor vehicles

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