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Welcome to Ghana. Located in West Africa, this country is about the size of Oregon. The region’s vast gold deposits first attracted Europeans nearly 550 years ago. The area was called the Gold Coast. Gold remains one of Ghana’s most important natural resources today. Read on and take a trip with TIME For Kids to this fascinating land.

What do you know about Ghana? Get the facts on its land, culture and products.

Location: West Africa
Size: 92,098 square miles (238,533 square kilometers); slightly smaller than Oregon
Capital: Accra
Official Language: English; at least nine local languages also spoken
Climate: Tropical; warm and dry in southeast and north; hot and humid in southwest
Currency: Cedi
Products: Cocoa, rice, cassava; gold, bauxite, diamonds, oil, timber
Official Name: Republic of Ghana
Population: 25,199,609
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