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Settled hundreds of years ago by Viking explorers, Iceland is often called the land of fire and ice. Scenery in this small island country features glaciers, volcanoes, and shooting geysers. Come explore this stunning land of extremes.

What do you know about Iceland? Learn all about its land, products and cultures.


Official name: Republic of Iceland


Size: 39,768 square miles (103,000 square kilometers); slightly smaller than Kentucky


Population: 311,058 as of July 2011


Population Under Age 14: 20.2%


Capital: Reykjavik (ray-kyuh-vik)


Language: Icelandic. Other Nordic languages as well as English and German are also spoken.


Currency: Icelandic krona


Religion: Lutheran Church of Iceland 80.7%, Roman Catholic Church 2.5%, other 16.8%


Literacy: 99%


Climate: Temperate; windy and mild winters and cool, moist summers


Agriculture : potatoes, green vegetables; mutton, chicken, pork, beef, dairy products; fish


Industries: Fishing and fish products, aluminum mining, tourism, geothermal power, hydropower

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