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Welcome to Namibia. With the Kalahari Desert on one side and the South Atlantic Ocean on the other, Namibia’s landscapes are as rich and varied as its people and culture. Because of its natural diversity, the country is home to some of the best-known national parks in the world. Begin your tour of Namibia now.

Official name: Republic of Namibia

Location: Southern Africa

Size: 318,261 square miles (824,292 square kilometers); slightly more than half the size of Alaska

Population: 2,198,406 (July 2014 estimate) 

Capital: Windhoek

Climate: Desert; hot and dry 

Languages: Oshiwambo, Nama/Damara, Afrikaans, English, other native languages

Currency: Namibian dollar

Products: Millet, sorghum, peanuts; diamonds, copper, gold

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