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Welcome to Norway, a Scandinavian nation full of natural wonders. Mountains cover the country. In the north, the sun shines day and night during the summer. Read on to learn more about this country known for its generosity and beauty.

Get to know Norway! Get the facts about its land, products and culture.


Official name: Kingdom of Norway


Size: 125,021 square miles (323,802 square kilometers); slightly bigger than New Mexico


Population: 4,691,849 as of July 2011


Capital: Oslo


Official Language: Norwegian


Literacy: 100%


Climate: Milder along the coast; colder inland and in arctic regions with more rain and snow


Agriculture Products: Barley, wheat, potatoes, pork, beef, veal, milk, fish


Currency: Norwegian krone


Major industries (businesses): Petroleum and natural gas, food processing, shipbuilding, paper products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles, fishing

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