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South Korea

Welcome to South Korea, a traditional yet modern country in eastern Asia that is home to forests, mountains, and more. Once mainly a farming society, South Korea has become an industrial giant, famous for manufacturing cars and electronics.

What do you know about the Republic of Korea? Learn all about its land, products and cultures.


Official name: Republic of Korea


Size: 38,023 square miles (a little bigger than Indiana)


Population: 48,598,175 as of 2004


Population Under Age 14: 20.4%


Capital: Seoul


Official Language: Korean


Currency: South Korean won


Religion: 46% No affiliation, 26% Buddhist, 26% Christian, 2% other


Literacy: 98.1%


Climate: Usually mild, with a short rainy season called jangma (jong-mah). Winters can be very cold.


Food Products: Rice, cattle, fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs


Industry: Electronics, cars, shipbuilding, steel, sneakers, chemicals, clothing

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