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Welcome to Tanzania, home of Mount Kilimanjaro, vast open plains and long sandy beaches. Tanzania is a land of beauty and diversity. The people of Tanzania belong to some 125 tribes, each with its own language and culture.

Get to know Tanzania! Get the facts about its land, products and culture.


Official name: United Republic of Tanzania


Size: 365,755 square miles (947,300square kilometers); about twice the size of California


Population: 42,746,620 as of 2011


Population Under Age 14: 42%


Capital: Dodoma


Official Language: Swahili and English


Literacy Rate(businesses):   69.4%Climate: Ranging from tropical to chilly


Products: Coffee, cotton, tobacco, tea, cloves, cashew nuts, sugarcane, coconuts, diamonds, gold, iron, wood products, fertilizer, salt


Currency: Tanzanian shilling


Religion: Native beliefs = 35%, Muslim = 35%, Christian = 30%

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