Homework Helper

Homework Helper

Don’t do your homework alone! TFK’s Homework Helper is packed with tips and tools to help you succeed.

A+ Papers

Do you need help with a writing assignment? Check out A+ Papers! TFK will show you how to write eight different types of school papers, including the book report, the persuasive essay and the personal narrative. Get Started!

Flash-card Maker

Do you know the times tables? How about the state capitals? Test yourself with TFK’s flash cards. Or create your own interactive flash cards to study for your next quiz.  Get Started!

Grammar Wizard

Do you know how to use end marks and commas? Are you a whiz when it comes to capital letters? Go over grammar rules, then quiz yourself with TFK’s Punctuation Practice. Get Started!

Writing Tips

What do TFK writers and editors do when they have writer’s block? How do you write a snappy and informative introduction? Find answers to all of your writing questions here. Get Started!

Writer's Toolbox

Whether it’s a rhyming dictionary or thesaurus that you need, we’ve got you covered. Find our suggestions for helpful writing tools here. Get Started!

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