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1. Compound Sentences

A compound sentence contains two complete thoughts. Place a comma before the word and or but in a compound sentence.

David watched a movie, and Sarah read a book.

2. Words in a List

Use commas to separate three or more words in a list.

Andrew's favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and soccer.

3. Dependent Clauses

A dependent clause has a subject and a verb but cannot stand alone.  Place a comma after a dependent clause that begins a sentence.

When I watch movies, I like to eat popcorn.

4. Appositive

An appositive is a word or group of words that explains another word in a sentence.  Use commas to set off an appositive from the rest of the sentence.

Mr. Lee, my favorite teacher, gave us extra homework today.

5. Introductory Words

Place a comma after introductory words, such as yes and well.

Yes, I would like some more sauce on my pasta.

6. Direct Address

Use a comma to separate from the rest of the sentence the name of a person the sentence addresses directly.

Dan, is this your key?

7. Cities and States

Place a comma between the names of cities and states.

We live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

8. Dates

Place a comma between the day and the year in a date.

Jenna was born on May 24, 2002.

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