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Subscription Benefits

Subscriptions to TIME For Kids come with a variety of resources designed to aid teachers and engage students.  Our goal is to make teachers’ jobs easier while building important reading and critical thinking skills in students.  Resources include:

The Magazine: Great writing and vivid imagery help make reading a blast for students.


Digital Editions: Bring the magazine to life on interactive whiteboards and computers with projectors.


Digital Resources: Exclusive, subscriber-only access to great teaching resources such as lesson plans and worksheets on www.timeforkids.com


Common Core State Standards: Every issue of the classroom magazine addresses Common Core State Standards.


TIME Magazine: 1 year (52 issues) of the iconic news magazine included with full-year subscriptions for 10 or more students.


Around The World: An optional supplement to TIME For Kids that explores other cultures and places around the world.  Available for $1 more per student for Editions 2, 3-4 and 5-6.


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TIME For Kids is a weekly newsmagazine that aims to engage students while presenting them with high-quality nonfiction writing to build reading and critical thinking skills.  Each issue covers a variety of themes, topics and current events.  The magazine has 4 grade-level targeted editions that help fit the needs of different K-6 classrooms – choose what’s right for your students.

Digital Editions

Designed for interactive whiteboards and computers with projectors, our Digital Editions bring each issue of TIME For Kids to life with additional features such as:

Video: High-quality video educates students while drawing them into the cover story.


Read-Aloud: Help build reading skills with accompanying narration.


Slideshows: Additional images and information to engage visual learners.


Power Words: Build vocabulary with highlighted, read-aloud power words, sample sentences and accompanying images.


Debate*: Vote as a class and see other classrooms’ votes with the interactive feature accompanying the magazine’s debate section.


And much more!  All included with your subscription.

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*Only available on Editions 3-4 and 5-6

Digital Resources

Subscribers to TIME For Kids get access to exclusive, subscriber-only content on www.timeforkids.com, including:

Teacher Guides:  Use these guides to help plan your lessons and see how each issue of TIME For Kids addresses Common Core State Standards


Quizzes & Worksheets:  Ready-made quizzes and worksheets help teachers streamline their teaching process

Common Core State Standards

TIME For Kids is committed to helping teachers meet the Common Core State Standards. Keeping in mind the Common Core’s particular emphasis on the reading of informational text, TIME For Kids education editors have taken steps to help ensure that students practice and master the literacy skills highlighted in the Common Core. Click here for more information.

TIME Magazine Subscription

Every full-year order of TIME For Kids for 10 or more students includes a 1-year (52 issues) subscription to the iconic TIME magazine.  Each issue of TIME features news, analysis and opinions about current events and other important topics from the country’s oldest newsweekly.

Around The World

Supplement your subscription to TIME For Kids by adding Around the World, an exciting addition that explores different cultures and places with vivid images, fun facts and profiles of the kids who live there.  In the 2013 – 2014 school year, Around the World will explore these great places: Poland, Bolivia, China, Jordan, Ghana and Portugal.  This great addition is available for Editions 2, 3-4 and 5-6.  Around the World is delivered six times throughout the school year for just $1 more per student. 

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