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Kid Reporter - Charlotte Fay

Charlotte Fay

New York, NY


Favorite thing to do in free time: Read mystery books and hang out with friends


Five things I can’t live without: My books, my endless collection of pens and pencils, my equally endless collection of notebooks, my glasses (how would I see?), and my laptop


My top three dream assignments: Interview a member of the First Family, interview an Olympic athlete, interview the cast of Once upon a Time


My most prized possession: My Taylor guitar


My proudest accomplishment: When I finished writing my research paper on the Egyptian gods


Who I look up to: British author Enid Blyton


My favorite book: First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton


My favorite book genre: Classics


My favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz


My favorite sport or sports team: Swimming


My favorite musician or musical group: Death Cab for Cutie


My pet peeve: When people don’t use punctuation


One thing hardly anyone knows about me: I’ve been to three continents.


Career goal: To be a great prosecutor (a lawyer who puts criminals in jail)

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