Kid Reporters

Kid Reporter - Francesco Franzese

Francesco Franzese

Oak Lawn, IL


Favorite thing to do in free time: Reading just about anything (books, newspapers, etc.)

Five things I can't live without: My laptop, my bookshelf, our TV, my family, my imagination

My dream assignment or interview: To interview a prominent political figure, such as Senator John McCain or Al Gore

My most prized possession: My impressive bookshelf, which is full of all sorts of books and comics I love to read

My proudest accomplishment: Becoming a Kid Reporter for TIME FOR KIDS

Who I look up to: Wilma Rudolph, because she overcame polio and won gold medals in track and field at the Olympics

The last book I read: Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater by Frank Bruni

My favorite movie: District 9

My favorite musical group: Eric Clapton

My pet peeve: When kids and adults act fake and are not truthful

One thing hardly anyone knows about me: I am already researching careers and colleges that I am interested in.

Career goal: To become a successful broadcast journalist in a large city and live somewhere warm, such as California or New Mexico


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