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Kid Reporter - Keshav Jain Dhir

Keshav Jain Dhir

Palo Alto, CA


Favorite thing to do in free time: Read a book


Five things I can't live without: Books, ketchup, my computer, mac and cheese, video games


My top 3 dream assignments or interviews: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sal Khan (Khan Academy)


My most prized possession: My computer


My proudest accomplishment: Founding my own online literary journal for youth aged 11-18 called Scribere


Who I look up to: My parents, J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan because they both have bestseller books and I would like to learn to write like that, Mark Zuckerberg because I am a technology enthusiast, and Elon Musk because I love cars and I think electric cars are the future


My favorite book is: The Unwanteds: Island of Graves by Lisa Mcmann


My favorite book genre is: Fantasy


My favorite movie is: Ant-Man


My favorite sport or sports team is: Karate


My favorite musician or musical group: Gotan Project


My pet peeve: Everything must be symmetrically PERFECT!!!


One thing hardly anyone knows about me: I put ketchup on my mac and cheese.


Career goal: Author or software engineer

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