Kid Reporters

Kid Reporter - Liam Kivirist

Liam Kivirist

Browntown, WI


Favorite thing to do in free time: Programming websites, exploring nature, spending time with my family, Skyping my friends, and learning about technology


My top three dream assignments or interviews: Tim Cook from Apple, “Notch” at the MineCon conference, and covering the latest tech innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show


My most prized possession: Macbook Pro


My proudest accomplishment: Meeting the President and First Lady


Who I look up to: Steve Jobs for being an innovator in the technological world


My favorite book: Unwind, by Neal Shusterman


My favorite book genre: Thriller/Fantasy


My favorite movie: Super 8


My favorite sport or sports team: Madison Mallards baseball team


My favorite musician or musical group: Tobu


My pet peeve: Childhood hunger


One thing hardly anyone knows about me:  I make balloon animals at fairs and events.


Career goal: Web developer or a programmer

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