Kid Reporters

Kid Reporter - Yusuf Halabi

Yusuf Halabi

Northville, MI


Favorite things to do in free time: Reading, soccer, swimming and table tennis


Five things I can't live without: My baby sister, books, soccer, pizza and my alarm clock


My dream assignment or interview: Lionel Messi or Thomas Edison (if I could travel back in time)


My most prized possession: My mountain bike


My proudest accomplishment: Becoming a TFK Kid Reporter


Who I look up to:  My grandparents


The last book I read: A Ranger’s Apprentice book, by John Flanagan


My favorite movie is: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


My favorite musician: K’naan


My pet peeve: The smell of cigarettes


One thing hardly anyone knows about me: I enjoy eating spicy food.


Career goal: To become a foreign correspondent

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