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May 05, 2014

Filmmaker James Cameron follows his dream of exploring the deepest spot on Earth

May 02, 2014

Lea Michele from Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return talks about voicing the iconic girl from Kansas

April 30, 2014

Tell us which film you want to see this summer

April 29, 2014

Four young friends try to help an injured alien named Echo return home in this sci-fi adventure

April 29, 2014

Hiccup, the brave yet awkward young Viking, begins a new adventure with his pet dragon, Toothless

April 29, 2014

The legendary girl from Kansas returns to Oz in this animated musical update

April 29, 2014

Find out the story behind Sleeping Beauty’s evil curse-caster in Disney’s live-action fantasy

April 29, 2014

Two baseball pitchers from India come to America after winning a reality show competition

April 29, 2014

Dusty Crophopper takes to the sky once again to battle wildfires in the sequel to Disney’s Planes

April 29, 2014

The Ninja Turtles are tougher than ever in the reboot of the classic film


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