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June 02, 2014

Students come together in Washington, D.C., for the fourth annual White House Science Fair

May 22, 2014

TIME For Kids meets the actors behind the voices of the Avengers

May 19, 2014

TFK chats with the pint-sized stars of the new DVD movie Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure

May 12, 2014

TFK is on the scene at the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award ceremony, in Boston

May 12, 2014

A new exhibit at Graceland honors the legacy of musician Elvis Presley

May 09, 2014

TFK spoke with author LM Elliott about Across a War-Tossed Sea from her World War II series

May 07, 2014

Dog with a Blog's G Hannelius talks about a new Disney game for Nintendo, and her other projects

May 02, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Grace Clark gets a sneak peek at The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 02, 2014

TIME For Kids spoke to archaeologist Jordan Jacobs about the second book in his mystery series

April 30, 2014

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on the Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles, California


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