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Viewing: Kid Reporter Scoops
October 20, 2014

TFK goes to the set of Kirby Buckets, a new show about a mischievous young animator

October 17, 2014

TFK talks to Rick Riordan about the end of his Heroes of Olympus series

October 14, 2014

Did the shadowy author show up? Watch TFK's Google Hangout to find out!

October 10, 2014

TFK looks at a new film about one kid’s particularly crummy day

October 03, 2014

In Megan McCafferty’s new book, seventh-grader Jessica Darling struggles to juggle her friendships

October 03, 2014

The space saga continues in the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels

September 19, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Madeline Marks reports from Brick Fest Live, a LEGO event for families

September 12, 2014

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on Henry Danger, a new comedy about a superhero and his sidekick

September 10, 2014

Kids and parents dance, hop, swim, and play in the sand to break records and encourage exercise

September 05, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Audrey Hill reports from the Florida set of the new movie Dolphin Tale 2


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