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Viewing: Kid Reporter Scoops
April 23, 2014

A TFK Kid Reporter reports on Michelle Obama’s fight for children’s health

April 21, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Grace Clark chats with Andrew Garfield, who plays the web-slinging superhero in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

April 15, 2014

A new film follows a group of schoolboys as they learn President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

March 21, 2014

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on the latest Muppets movie

March 17, 2014

Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. talks about his latest novel for kids

March 10, 2014

TFK talks to the author of the books about 13-year-old aspiring-actor Nate Foster

February 14, 2014

TFK gets the scoop on the new seasons of Kickin’ It and Lab Rats

February 07, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Graham Ross catches up with the stars of the hit TV show

February 07, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Grace Clark reports on her experience at a White House STEM event for kids

January 20, 2014

Max Darwin brings his tricks to the TV show Brain Games


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