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February 01, 2010

Jesse Jackson Runs for President

February 01, 2010

The Million Man March

February 01, 2010

Malcolm X Makes His Mark

February 01, 2010

Fifty years ago, four black students began a peaceful protest to change America

February 01, 2010

Achieving Power in Government

October 14, 2009

TFK reports from the 2009 ALMA Awards, an event that celebrates Latinos in entertainment

September 18, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic American to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court

August 10, 2009

White House representative Juan Sepulveda talks education with Hispanic communities

April 08, 2009

Latino leaders across the U.S. rally their communities to discuss issues and take action

October 15, 2007

The actress hits the magic books on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place


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