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August 16, 2011

Opportunity, NASA's robotic rover, is set to explore a huge crater on Mars

August 15, 2011

New evidence shows that plesiosaurs gave birth to live young

August 12, 2011

Doctors provide new guidelines for summer sports safety for kids. Kids drink sports drinks.

August 08, 2011

A new study finds many kids' packed lunches aren't being stored at safe temperatures.

August 05, 2011

A green sea turtle is nursed back to health and released into the ocean.

August 05, 2011

High school soccer star Mitch Arnold is the first-ever recipient of the Gold M Award for young athletes

August 03, 2011

Congress signs off to raise the debt ceiling

August 03, 2011

An old railway is transformed into a public park in New York City

August 01, 2011

U.S. lawmakers reach a compromise to prevent a possible financial crisis

July 29, 2011

With one year to go before the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, London celebrates


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