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October 20, 2011

TFK chats with Gabriella Wilde about The Three Musketeers, now playing

October 20, 2011

TFK chats with web star Lucas Cruikshank about Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred

October 13, 2011

TFK chats with up-and-coming teen band New Hollow

October 07, 2011

TFK chats with Dakota Goyo, 12, about his new film Real Steel, now playing

October 04, 2011

The Modern Family star talks about his job testing toys for Kmart and about his Hispanic heritage

September 30, 2011

Suite Life star Debby Ryan heads to the Big Apple in her new Disney Channel show, Jessie

September 28, 2011

TFK gets a behind-the-scenes look at a recording session for Season 4 of the popular Cartoon Network series

September 22, 2011

TFK talks to Michael Acton Smith, the creator of Moshi Monsters

September 23, 2011

TFK chats with Harry Connick Jr. about working with the famous dolphin in a movie inspired by her life

September 16, 2011

Disney Channel star Kenton Duty kicks up his heels in Broadway’s Mary Poppins


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