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Viewing: Kid reporter scoops
January 17, 2014

What goes into making a new yogurt for kids? TFK went behind the scenes at Dannon to find out.

January 10, 2014

TFK learns about A BroaderWay, a foundation started by actors Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel to help girls

January 08, 2014

Disney Channel’s new movie introduces viewers to the world of competitive snowboarding

December 23, 2013

By Gordon Korman

December 23, 2013

TFK Kid Reporters review some of this season's new books

December 20, 2013

By Sarah Lean

December 20, 2013

By Tim Federle 

December 20, 2013

By Catherine Jinks

December 20, 2013

By James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

December 20, 2013

By Karen Foxlee


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