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August 12, 2013

What’s your favorite school subject? Vote in TFK’s poll!

August 05, 2013

A Connecticut boy says Jeopardy! cheated him because of a spelling error

May 08, 2013

New research shows that kids who pre-order lunch make healthier choices

March 13, 2013

A state judge in New York strikes down a ban on large-sized sugary beverages

February 22, 2013

Should zoos and aquariums exhibit beluga whales?

February 08, 2013

Should the U.S. get rid of the penny?

January 14, 2013

Should women compete against men in sports? 

January 11, 2013

Hasbro launches a poll to replace an old Monopoly piece with a new one

December 10, 2012

Should college be cheaper for science students?

November 30, 2012

Last chance to cast your vote for TFK's 2012 Person of the Year—voting ends January 1


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