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June 01, 2010

A look back at the third book in the magical series

June 01, 2010

A look back at the first book in the magical series

June 01, 2010

Take a look back at the seven books in the magical Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling

May 26, 2010

Meet the five young changemakers who are up for the 2010 Do Something Award

May 24, 2010

Ancient mummies--some more than 4,700 years old--have been unearthed in Egypt

May 21, 2010

TFK chats with Antonio Banderas, the voice of Puss in Boots, about Shrek Forever After

May 19, 2010

A tree frog and a tiny wallaby are just a few of the new animals discovered in Indonesia

May 17, 2010

Workers are racing to seal a leak that could cause enormous damage to the environment

May 12, 2010

After a very unusual election, David Cameron takes over as Prime Minister

May 12, 2010

NASA sends a team of astronauts and scientists on a mission to the ocean floor


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