“Holt” the Presses!

TFK catches up with Disney actress Olivia Holt in New York City

November 12, 2012

"Newsies" actors Michael Fatica (left) and Jack Scott (right) give TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri and Olivia Holt a backstage tour after the show.

For only the second time in her life, actress Olivia Holt, 15, traveled to New York – this time to catch the award-winning Disney Broadway show, Newsies.  Newsies is a musical based on a true story about newspaper boys who don’t like what the newspaper owners do to their wages, and so they get together to protest and strike.  TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri was there with Olivia as she took in the show and interviewed Olivia about the experience and her career. Olivia found the show inspiring. “I think that [the newsies] are inspiring other people to make a big impact on the world today,” Olivia told TFK.

Olivia is no stranger to the stage herself.  This young star started acting at age three, and progressed from a small stage to a hit T.V. show, Disney XD’s Kickin’ It.  But even today the teen star gets pre-show jitters. She conquers her nervousness by staying positive “I end up just keeping my head up and seeing where it takes me and usually, it takes me to a good place where I’m not so nervous,” Olivia said.

Olivia Holt and TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri catch the new musical in New York City.

Olivia Holt and TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri catch the new musical in New York City.

A Kickin’ Career

Olivia grew up in Mississippi but moved to Los Angeles recently to pursue her career. “It was a big transition for me because I grew up in a small town,” Olivia said. But now, she’s living her dream as an actress. When asked about advice for other aspiring actors, the young performer said,  “Just stay positive and stay confident. If you know that you’re powerful enough to conquer your fears and stay happy, that will lead you in the right way.”

Recently, Olivia starred in a Halloween-themed Disney Channel movie, Girl vs. Monster, about a young girl named Skylar who accidentally releases some monsters in her home and finds out her parents were monster hunters. “I had a blast filming Girl vs. Monster,,” Olivia said. “It is an awesome Halloween movie, and the cast and I got along so well.” 

Olivia regularly stars on a Disney XD show called Kickin’ It. She plays the fearless black belt Kim.   “I think she is such an incredible girl and I look up to her,” Olivia said about her character. “She’s so powerful and confident.” New episodes of Kickin’ It air Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time/Pacific Time on Disney XD. Catch a special two-part episode on November 19 featuring guest stars Jillian Michaels, George Wendt and WWE star Kofi Kingston.

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