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All About Brazil

Learn facts about South America's largest country

June 06, 2014


The Zingu River flows through the Amazon Rainforest near Altamira, Brazil. Brazil is home to 60% of the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest.

Official name: Federative Republic of Brazil

Size: 3,827,612 square miles (8,514,877 square kilometers); about the size of the U.S.

Population: 202,656,788 (estimated for July 2014)

Capital: Brasília

Official Language: Portuguese

Climate: Mostly tropical; cooler in the south

Currency: Real (current exchange rate is about 2 reals per U.S. dollar)

Products: Coffee, soybeans; beef; iron ore; footwear, motor vehicles

Visit Around the World: Brazil to take a virtual tour, learn about the country's history, and more.

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