Animal Planet Wildlands

Published by Nukotoys/ For iPad, iPhone (3GS/4/4S) and iPod touch (3rd/4th generation) / Rated 4+

September 14, 2012


Get ready to run wild in the beautiful new 3D mobile game, Animal Planet Wildlands. The game is free to download in the Apple App Store and comes with three animals to play. Pick an animal and tilt your device to allow them to roam the savannah, interact with other animals, race against each other and more.

To gain access to more animals, you’ll want to collect the physical NUKO trading cards, which are available to buy in stores such as Target, Walmart and Toys R Us (trading cards are $1.99 for a three pack, $3.99 for a pack of seven). You can also purchase virtual trading cards in the app store (always ask your parent’s permission before purchasing an app). Each card features a photograph of a wild animal and some fun trivia about it (For example: True or false: A kangaroo cannot walk backwards). But the real fun begins when you launch the app and tap the trading card to your device’s screen. A 3D version of your animal will appear in the game for you to control. From there, you can learn more facts about the animal and use it to interact with other wild creatures. There are up to 60 cards to collect.

Prefer mythological creatures over wild ones? Nukotoys also recently launched the Monsterology app and trading cards, based on the bestselling “Ology” books. Each trading card contains a mythological creature that you can train and send into battle once transported in the game’s Oloverse.

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