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Another Muppet Caper

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on the latest Muppets movie

March 21, 2014

Kid Reporter Gloria Choi poses with the stars of Muppets Most Wanted, Miss Piggy and Kermit.

For Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being green. Especially after he’s mistaken for a big-time criminal of the same froggy color in Muppets Most Wanted. As the gang travels across Europe, they get caught in the Kermit look-alike’s plot to steal the crown jewels of England. But there’s another Muppet who thinks she steals the show.

The Muppets go on an international tour in Muppets Most Wanted.
The Muppets go on an international tour in Muppets Most Wanted.

“What will make people want to see this movie?” asks Miss Piggy (voiced by Eric Jacobson). “Moi!”

Filled with countless celebrity cameos, entertaining characters, and catchy musical numbers, “Muppets Most Wanted” is one of the must-see movies of the year.

Singer Celine Dion is just one of the many stars who makes an appearance in the movie. Of course, she can’t outshine Miss Piggy.

"Working with Celine Dion was a pleasure, a joy... for her, naturally,” Miss Piggy told TFK. “I'm only too happy to let her ride my coattails up to the Oscars stage."

Muppet Mischief

In the beginning of the movie, all seems well for the Muppets crew. They meet Mr. Dominic Badguy (played by Ricky Gervais). He suggests they embark on an international tour. The gang flies to Europe to perform in some of the greatest cities in the world, including Berlin, Madrid, and London.

Kid Reporter
Gloria Choi

The performances are widely praised, but the Muppets don’t realize their team leader, Kermit, has been replaced with a look-alike named Constantine. This evil frog has teamed up with Dominic Badguy. Their goal is to steal the crown jewels of England and become No. 1 criminals.

Meanwhile, poor Kermit is mistaken for Constantine and lands in a Moscow prison. He gets used to life behind bars with the help of prison guard Nadya (played by Tina Fey). She may appear scary, but she has a soft spot for our green friend.

Luckily for Kermit, detectives Sam Eagle and Jean Pierre Napoleon smell trouble. They follow the trail to uncover the real culprit for all the crimes committed across Europe.

"I think kids will appreciate all the humor in this movie,” says Fey.

No Sequel Like a Muppets Sequel

My favorite part of Muppets Most Wanted? Spoiler alert: It’s when Kermit crashes Miss Piggy's wedding and rescues her from marrying the wrong Muppet. The scene ties all the loose ends of the story together and creates a happy ending for Kermit and Miss Piggy. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

I would recommend this movie for people of all ages who want to laugh or just listen to enjoyable music. The movie is never boring and fills the theater with endless laughter and applause. And contrary to what Miss Piggy thinks, not all that applause is for her. All the Muppets deserve a standing ovation for this sequel.

Everyone’s favorite is first-rate in this film, too. Catch Muppets Most Wanted on March 21 to see Kermit deliver the performance of a lifetime. “I’m actually stretching myself a lot as a dramatic actor in this movie,” Kermit (voiced by Steve Whitmire) told TFK.

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