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December 06, 2012


Angry Birds Space


Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Available in the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later

Rated 4+

This holiday season, the Angry Birds are migrating to the Red Planet. The villainous piggies have hijacked the Mars rover Curiosity, and the birds must come to its rescue. Players explore NASA vehicles and learn about Mars exploration and NASA missions. ($2.99)


The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee


Bento Box Interactive

Available in the App Store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Rated 4+

Unlock interactive stories—and your creativity—with The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee. LeeLee and her grandmother Mama Mae were inspired by the relationship between singer and musician Alicia Keys, who co-produced the app, and her own grandmother. Keys’ touch is seen throughout the app. It launches by letting you exploreLeeLee’s room in New York City, where Keys grew up. You’ll find LeeLee’s journal, where you can write your own entries inspired by daily challenge prompts. LeeLee’s music box features songsc  Keys created just for the app. Her piano lets youwrite your own music.

There’s also LeeLee’s bookshelf, which contains the stories that Mama Mae tells LeeLee. The first story, Blue Moon, transports LeeLee inside the tale of a strong and curious Native American girl who gets lost while on a fantastic adventure in the frost of the Great Smoky Mountains and must find her way home. “LeeLee gets to go to these places, hear the music and be introduced to these cultures,” Keys told TFK. “She sees how these people of different cultures who are close to her age got through [their problems] and [learned] how to get through her’s.”($3.99) –Kelli Plasket


Ranger Rick's Tree House


National Wildlife Federation

Available in the Apple Newsstand and App Store for iPad

Rated 4+

You’ve never seen a tree house quite like this. The editors of Ranger Rick magazine are inviting kids ages 7-12 to explore the home of everyone’s favorite raccoon. In the new app, called Ranger Rick’s Tree House, players move through rooms packed with clickable animal stories, comic adventures, animal photos and videos, multi-level games and nature activities. The bFunny section is bursting with silly jokes, riddles and animal mysteries. Learn about the exciting animal kingdom as you climb through this fun adventure. (Annual subscription $19.99, Single issue $4.99) – Stephanie Kraus

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