Bindi’s Back

Wildlife advocate Bindi Irwin tells TFK about her new book series

March 01, 2013

Wildlife advocate Bindi Irwin, 14, is a cocreator of the new series Bindi Behind the Scenes. The books are based on Bindi’s real-life adventures. In the first book, The Wildlife Games, Bindi plans a televised contest to raise money for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Bindi wrote to TFK about the series and how she hopes the books will inspire other kids to become Wildlife Warriors.


What ties together all the books in the Bindi Behind the Scenes series?


Being a Wildlife Warrior and standing up for what you believe in! I wanted the series to [have] really exciting adventures [that] stretch your imagination, allowing kids to learn something along the way about conservation and the beautiful wildlife on our planet. I hope that reading the series will empower kids to change the world.


What do you hope kids will get out of the books?


I hope the books allow kids to feel like they’re travelling with me on these adventures, and then become inspired to be the hero of their own story. I am a strong believer in kid empowerment. As kids we are the next voters, the next decision makers and the next generation to be making a difference on our planet. No matter what your age is, each of us has a voice and we can and should stand up for what we believe in. My dad, Steve Irwin, was one man who changed the world. If one can make a different, you can make a difference!


How do you come up with the ideas for your books?


The Bindi Behind the Scenes books are fiction based on our real life adventures. I have been extremely lucky to have had so many unforgettable experiences, and I really wanted to share them with everyone, which is where the idea of this book series was born. I’ve had the best time being the cocreator on this series.


What is your advice for other kids who care about and want to help wildlife?


Become a Wildlife Warrior! Being a Wildlife Warrior is not just a title. It describes who you are and your attitude. People tend to think of little woodland creatures when they think of conservation, but it is ultimately about us, people. As our human population explodes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our wildlife to keep up and survive with less habitat and fewer resources, such as clean water and fresh air. Each of us can play a part and make the world a better place. Kids can help in every way. Even small things can make a difference. Planting a tree, turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and recycling are all ways to help. So be the change you wish to see in the world.

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