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Calling All Superheroes!

TIME For Kids meets the actors behind the voices of the Avengers

May 22, 2014

TFK Kid Reporter Rylan Daniels (center) meets actors Adrian Pasdar (left) and Roger Craig Smith (right) of the animated series Marvel's Avengers Assemble.

The world is in danger—can the Avengers save the day? A special episode of the animated series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble—called "The Final Showdown"—airs May 25 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Disney XD.

An out-of-armor Iron Man leads the rest of his Avengers teammates into action.
An out-of-armor Iron Man leads the rest of his Avengers teammates into action.

TIME For Kids spoke to the actors who play the Avengers. The team of superheroes includes Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, and a newcomer, the Falcon. Read on to learn more about these characters and how talented actors bring them to life.

Meet the Avengers

The Avengers have unique powers and personalities. Iron Man, billionaire head of Stark Industries, has the ability to fly and fire energy blasts while wearing his high-tech suit of armor. Thor, the god of thunder, wields his magic hammer and strikes down his enemies with lightning. Hawkeye is an expert archer who can hit any target. Captain America got his superhuman strength after being injected with super-soldier serum during World War II.  The Hulk is the strongest creature on Earth and smashes anything—and anyone—that gets in his way. Black Widow is a master of stealth combat. The Falcon has special holographic wings that enable him to fly like a bird.

Look Alive!

Voice actors don’t just recite their lines into a microphone—they perform. During the recording session for one scene, Travis Willingham (the voice of Thor) made sounds and acted as if he were being hit or tortured. He played around a lot with his performance.

Kid Reporter
Rylan J. Daniels

Roger Craig Smith voices Captain America. “We take the work seriously,” he told TFK. “But we have a lot of fun doing it. Our energy comes through in the show.”

Actress Laura Bailey, who provides the voice of Black Widow, poses with Rylan Daniels. (Courtesy Daniels Family)
Actress Laura Bailey, who provides the voice of Black Widow, poses with Rylan Daniels.

Voice actors have to learn about their characters’ personalities to bring them to life. They each learn what their character likes, what he or she wants to accomplish, and how smart he or she is. Fred Tatasciore (the voice of the Hulk) said learning about the muscle-bound character was easy.

“The Hulk is a character I’ve loved all my life,” he said. “I already knew a lot about him.”

Life Lessons

You may think of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble as just a fun show. The action and the display of superpowers are fun to watch. But viewers can actually learn a thing or two about life from the show, according to Adrian Pasdar (the voice of Iron Man).

“The show teaches viewers valuable lessons to include in daily life,” he told TFK. “Believe in what you think is right. Make decisions that are hard. Sometimes the hard decisions are the right ones.”

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