Earth Day Printables

For Teachers: Download these free printable activities to teach your students about environmental conservation

April 03, 2014

Grades 5-6:

Calculate Your Daily Water Use

Have students calculate how much water they use in a day.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Where Do We Get Our Energy?

Students read a pie chart showing sources of energy in the U.S.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grades 3-4:

Water Watch

Students read a pictograph to find out how much water is used for different activities in the home.

Download this Printable (PDF)



A Celebration of the Earth

Students answer questions after reading a flyer about an Earth Day fair at school.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grade 2:

Helping the Earth

Students read a bar graph about Earth Day projects and answer questions about it.

Download this Printable (PDF)



TFK Earth Day Challenge

Students solve conservation-related word problems.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grades K-1:

Time to Save the Earth

Students read a schedule of events at an Earth Day fair and answer time-telling questions.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Who Is Helping Earth?

Students decide which activities help or hurt the Earth.

Download this Printable (PDF)



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