Earth Day Printables

For Teachers: Download these free printable activities to teach your students about environmental conservation

April 03, 2014

Grades 5-6:

Pollution Pathways

Students read a diagram showing the sources of pollution in the Great Lakes.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Where Do We Get Our Energy?

Students read a pie chart showing sources of energy in the U.S.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grades 3-4:

Water Watch

Students read a pictograph to find out how much water is used for different activities in the home.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Whale Watch

Students read a chart about three species of whales and answer questions.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grade 2:

Helping the Earth

Students read a bar graph about Earth Day projects and answer questions about it.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Soil Science

Students read and answer questions about three types of soil.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grades K-1:

What Do Plants Need?

Students look at pictures of items and decide which ones help plants grow.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Who Is Helping Earth?

Students decide which activities help or hurt the Earth.

Download this Printable (PDF)



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