Election 2012: Health Care

Where do the candidates stand on health care? Find out here!

August 27, 2012


In 2010, nearly 50 million Americans did not have health insurance. More than 7 million of the uninsured were children. Insurance helps people pay for doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital stays and other care. Some people get health insurance at a reduced rate through their employers. Others have to buy it, often at a high rate. The cost of health insurance continues to rise, and many people just can’t afford it.

President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law March 23, 2010. It states that all Americans must have health insurance or else pay a penalty beginning in 2014. Supporters say the law will help make health insurance affordable for everyone. Critics say the law will cost insurance companies money and will raise health care costs. The issue of the high cost of health care and health insurance is expected be a highly debated topic this election season. Here’s where the presidential candidates stand on health care:

* Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act makes health coverage available for everyone and works to protect consumers from insurance abuse. He believes that Americans should be allowed to make health insurance choices that work for them. Obama believes the act provides new ways to bring down costs and improve quality of care. Here are a few of the act’s provisions: 

-Give people with Medicare access to free preventive services to detect medical conditions early.

-Allow young adults under age 26 to stay on a parent’s health insurance plan.

-Stop health insurers from denying coverage to children under age 19 because of preexisting conditions, such as asthma and diabetes.

* Mitt Romney believes that the federal government should not require citizens to have health insurance. He says he will repeal the Affordable Care Act. Here are some of his ideas:

-Issue health care law waivers to all 50 states.

-Replace the Affordable Care law with policies that give each state power to create its own health care reform plan.

-Give consumers more choice in health insurance by allowing them to purchase insurance from a different state.

-Expand benefits of individual medical savings accounts.


* The candidates’ positions are culled from their websites and other primary sources.


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