Fishy Facts

Learn about the real-life counterparts of the characters on Disney Channel's Fish Hooks

April 18, 2011



BEA, voiced by Chelsea Kane, is an overly dramatic tween goldfish whose goal is to become the world's greatest actress.

The Real Deal
• Goldfish sense their surroundings through sight, smell and sound. Since their eyes are located on the sides of their heads, they see better from the side than from the front. 
• Fish breathe through gills, but they still have nostrils. As water enters and leaves the nostrils of a fish, it brings with it different odors. This is how a goldfish smells. 
• Ear bones located inside a goldfish's head can sense vibrations in the water. Special cells on a goldfish's body can also sense changes in water pressure. This is how a goldfish "hears."



MILO, a tropical fish voiced by Kyle Massey, is an optimistic and energetic guy who loves his friends unconditionally.

The Real Deal
• Tropical fish are found in both fresh water and saltwater. Though saltwater tropical fish are usually called "marine fish." 
• Many marine tropical fish live in and amongst coral reefs. Hundreds of species of fish can live in a small area of a healthy reef. Coral reefs are home to 25 percent of all marine fish species.



OSCAR, a catfish voiced by Justin Roiland, is a homebody who loves sci-fi and has a secret crush on Bea.

The Real Deal
• Most catfish species live in freshwater, including in lakes, ponds and streams. But there are some species of catfish that live in the ocean. 
• One species of catfish, the walking catfish found in Asia, can crawl on land from one lake or pond to another. How? It raises itself up with its front fins and pushes the ground with its tail. Like lungfish, walking catfish can breathe air out of water.



ALBERT GLASS, a glassfish voiced by Atticus Shaffer, is Freshwater High's youngest and brightest academic star, who, for some reason, has an aversion to Bea.

The Real Deal
• Glassfish are a species of freshwater fish native to Asia. 
• They are named for their strikingly transparent bodies. 
• The fish can be shy in small groups. But they become bolder and more outgoing when in larger groups.



SHELLSEA, a jewel fish voiced by Kari Wahlgren, Bea's best girlfriend who is independent, focused and ready to speak her mind.

The Real Deal
• Native to African, jewel fish are named after the small, shiny spots that cover their bodies.



JOCKTOPUS, an octopus voiced by John DiMaggio, is a big, simple-minded, eight-armed school bully who refers to himself in the third person yet somewhere underneath all the meat, is a brain and a heart longing to be expressed.

The Real Deal
• An octopus's main defense is to hide or camouflage itself. But once they are seen by a predator, they will either: a) try to make a quick swim for it; or b) cause a distraction by releasing ink form its ink sacs or by casting off one of its limbs.



CLAMANTHA, a clam voiced by Alex Hirsch, is a wall-eyed teen girl who is optimistic about everything including her chances of making the cheerleading squad. She is in love with Oscar and has built a shrine to him.

The Real Deal
• Clams are part of the mollusk family. They feed on plankton by drawing in water through a siphon, or tube. The plankton is filtered out of the water by the clam's gills and carried to the mouth. The water is then pushed out by another siphon.



MR. BALDWIN, a seahorse voiced by Dana Snyder, is the pregnant homeroom teacher at Freshwater High who's down in the dumps about his life.

The Real Deal
• Male seahorses are the ones that "give birth" to seahorse babies. A male seahorse can carry up to 1,500 eggs in its front pouch. The baby seahorses hatch and emerge from the pouch anywhere between 9 to 45 days later.
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