2014 Winter Book Reviews

Five, Six, Seven, Nate!

By Tim Federle 

December 20, 2013


Genre: Realistic fiction

Number of pages: 304

What’s the basic story line?

Kid Reporter
Camryn Garrett

When 13-year-old Nate Foster lands a small part in ET: The Musical, he thinks his dreams of being on Broadway have finally come true. However, the aggressive theater staff and the intimidating lead, Jordan, are not what he imagined in his dreams of stardom. Surrounded by hardcore cast members and far away from his best friend, Libby, Nate feels alone until an older cast member befriends him and Nate starts to receive gifts from a secret admirer. Just when it seems as if things are going well, one of the leads gets sick on the day of the first preview show. With the help of some showbiz magic, Nate just might be able to save the day and shine like the star he is.

Are the characters believable?

The characters in this book are believable because they make mistakes, have feelings that they sometimes don’t fully understand, and aren’t perfect at performing. They are still young and learning how to be the best they can be.

Who would like this book?

Anyone who dreams of performing on Broadway and kids who don’t feel like they exactly fit in will enjoy this humorous yet touching story about Nate Foster chasing his dreams.

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