Green Movies

These nature-themed films will inspire you to get into the spirit of green living this Earth Day—and everyday

April 20, 2012




Documentary, Rated G

Disneynature has taken moviegoers to the polar regions, to the depths of the ocean and to the African savanna. On April 20, the studio will take audiences deep into African forest, too, with Chimpanzee. The movie tells the true tale of Oscar. He’s a young orphaned chimp who finds a new father in the male leader of his group. It is the first time this rare event has ever been captured on film. For every ticket sold during opening week—April 20 to 26—Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Foundation. Click here to read an interview with JGI founder and chimp expert Jane Goodall.





To the Arctic 3D

IMAX Documentary, Rated G

To the Arctic, in IMAX 3-D theaters April 20, invites moviegoers on an unforgettable journey to the top of the world. The film, narrated by Oscar winner Meryl Streep, gives a sneak peek into the lives of a polar bear mother and her twin cubs. The bears’ icy Arctic home is changing. Each day brings a new challenge in the family’s struggle to survive. TFK spoke to director Greg MacGillivray about making the documentary. Click here to read the Q&A.





Young Voices for the Planet (DVD)

Documentary, Not Rated

Author and filmmaker Lynne Cherry wants everyone to know that kids have the power to bring about change. Her documentary, Young Voices for the Planet, tells eight different stories of kids who are offering solutions for environmental problems. “It has been exciting to meet so many cool, caring kids and working [with them] to help their voices be heard,” Cherry told TFK. Click here to learn more about the young change makers featured in the film.





Otter 501

Feature Film, Rated G

Meet 501, the adorable sea otter star of Sea Studios Foundation's new wildlife tale, in theaters May 11. When the movie begins, the orphaned pup has become stranded on the California coastline. Luckily, she gets a second chance at life thanks to a young woman named Katie Pofahl. Through Katie's video diaries, the audience follows Otter 501 on her journey from rescue to release. Click here to read a Q&A with Katie and with producer Mark Shelley.



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