Here Comes Crash!

TFK Kid Reporter Rylan J. Daniels chats with the stars of Disney XD’s Crash and Bernstein

October 08, 2012

TFK Kid Reporter Rylan J. Daniels talks to actor Cole Jenson ("Wyatt Bernstein") on the set of Disney XD's Crash & Bernstein.

Are you ready to crash? Do you want to explode with laughter? Then check out Disney’s Crash and Bernstein tonight on Disney XD. It’s a new comedy for the whole family to enjoy!

As a TFK kid reporter, I recently got to visit the set and meet the cast and crew. Crash, the unstoppable puppet, is just what he sounds like: a mischievous little guy who likes to destroy things. While I was interviewing the rambunctious puppet, he demonstrated one of his favorite tricks—a face slam! That’s when he bumps his soft head into someone’s face.

TFK Kid Reporter Rylan J. Daniels meets Crash.

TFK Kid Reporter Rylan J. Daniels meets Crash.

What’s the Story?

Wyatt Bernstein (Cole Jenson) lives with his three sisters and Mom. He gets frustrated because he’s always made to do “girlie” kinds of activities. He longs for a brother with whom he can do “boy stuff.” For his birthday, Wyatt’s sisters take him to Build-a-Bestie and he builds his dream: a brother that destroys things and is named Crash. Wyatt thought this would be the worst birthday ever. That is, until Crash magically comes to life!

The only problem is that Crash and Wyatt must live with his three sisters and mom. The sisters don’t like Crash because of his trouble-making ways. But when I interviewed the actors, they told me how much they like working with Crash. Six-year-old Jasmine (Mckenna Grace) plays the youngest sister.

“I like being with Crash because he’s fluffy,” she said. “He’s my favorite color, purple. And he’s very soft, soft as a feather.”

A Sneak Peak

Crash competes for attention with Wyatt's best friend Pesto

Crash competes for attention with Wyatt's best friend Pesto (Landry Bender).

In the first episode, when Crash comes to life, he tries to help Wyatt get his own room. Wyatt shares a room with his sister, Cleo (Landry Bender). The plan fails. They actually knock down a wall shared by the neighbor’s apartment! The situation gets really funny when Mr. Poulos (Danny Woodburn), the landlord, sees all the damage. He gets so upset that he starts screaming into a jar. What Crash says next is so funny I fell out of my chair laughing!

More hilarious moments take place between Wyatt and his best friend Pesto (Aaron Landon) who is competing with Crash for Wyatt’s attention. Wyatt’s mom (Mary Birdsong) tries to control the chaos but has to tangle with naughty Crash. You’ll have to tune in to see how it all works out for Wyatt. In the meantime, click here to check out my video interview with the cast.

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