2014 Winter Book Reviews

I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story

By James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

December 20, 2013


Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 346

What’s the basic story line?

Kid Reporter
Graham Ross

After a car wreck has put him in a wheelchair and taken the lives of his family, Jamie moves in with his glum aunt and uncle and his cousin Stevie, whose basic objective in life is to torment Jamie however he can. But Jamie doesn’t let these challenges stop him from having a positive attitude and pursuing his goals. In fact, he is the one who keeps the people around him laughing. He was recently crowned the Funniest Kid Comic of New York State. And now he is after an even bigger title: the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic. Does Jamie win the title of his dreams? Find out in I Even Funnier.

Are the characters believable?

The characters are pretty believable, although a few of their actions seem unlikely, which shows that it is indeed fiction.

Who would like this book?

This book would be great for budding comedians and anyone who is fond of humorous books.

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