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TIME For Kids catches up with the cast of the new comedy Instant Mom

October 04, 2013

Meet the cast of Nickelodeon's new show, Instant Mom, from left: Sheryl Lee Ralph ("Maggie"), Sydney Park ("Gabby"), Tylen Williams ("James"), Darmarr Calhoun ("Aaron"), Tia Mowry ("Stephanie"), and Michael Boatman ("Charlie")

Nickelodeon’s new show Instant Mom is sure to be an instant hit!

A scene from "The Lying Game" episode of Instant Mom.
A scene from "The Lying Game" episode of Instant Mom.

“This is a show the whole family will enjoy,” says Tylen Williams. He plays James, the middle child in the Philips family.

In the series, Stephanie (Tia Mowry-Hardict) goes from party girl to stepmom of three mischievous kids. She inherits the kids when she marries a cardiologist named Charlie Philips (Michael Boatman). With all the “help” from her mother Maggie (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and the “enthusiasm” from her new stepchildren, she’ll be fine, right? Think again!

Meet the Step-Kids

James is a troublemaker who enjoys playing pranks on his family. Now that Stephanie has joined them permanently, he sees her as a perfect target.

“She’s new to the whole mom thing, so James can teach her,” says Tylen. “He says things like, ‘Hey, my old mom would give me ice cream every time I didn’t do my homework.’”

James’s older sister Gabby (Sydney Park) doesn’t see Stephanie quite the same way. Gabby is a teenager. She’s smart and loyal to her family. While Gabby is happy to have a new stepmother, she is also having trouble finding the balance between mother and best friend.

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Amelia Compton

“We’re both trying to grow up and find ourselves,” Sydney told TFK. “That’s a special connection we share. No matter how many conflicts we have, we always come together because we’re kind of in the same boat.”

Family Fun

Williams and Park both agree that their favorite show to film so far was “Harp and Soul.” In the episode, Stephanie decides the kids need music lessons. James and Gabby don’t like the idea, and both try to find ways to get out of it.

Kid Reporter Amelia Compton meets with Sydney Parks.
Kid Reporter Amelia Compton meets with Sydney Parks.

James tells Stephanie he’s always dreamed of playing the harp. He knows such lessons would be too expensive and that Stephanie would never agree. Gabby decides on the keyboard, but has a friend put a microchip into it so it seems like she’s playing when she’s not.

Instant Mom will definitely bring families together,” says Sydney. “Families can laugh together and I think they can learn something from the show as well.”

Instant Mom airs Sundays on Nick at Nite.  Watch it and you’ll instantly want more!

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