2013 Holiday Video Game Guide

Just Dance Kids 2014

Game tested on Nintendo Wii; also available for Wii U and Xbox 360 with Kinect (Rated E)

December 06, 2013


Get your groove on! Just Dance Kids 2014 is an interactive game that can be played with up to four people. Each player chooses one of the dancers on the screen to follow and earns points for performing the dance moves correctly.

What will kids like about this game?

Kid Reporter
Patty McClain

This game has music for younger and older children. It has many popular dance tunes, including songs from Selena Gomez, One Direction, Victoria Justice, and more. There are also tunes for younger kids, including the Wiggles, nursery rhymes, and counting songs.

What tips would you give other players?

Focus on just one dancer so you will not get confused. Also, make sure you have a large, open area to play in so you don’t bump into furniture. You will be on the move, but that just means you are getting a good workout.

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