Kinect Star Wars

Published by LucasArts and Microsoft Studios / For Xbox 360 Kinect / Rated T

April 10, 2012
LucasArts and Microsoft Studios

Summon the power of the Force with "Kinect Star Wars" for Xbox 360.

Grab your lightsaber, start your podracer and prepare to depart for a galaxy far, far away. Not until now has a game allowed players to dive fully into the Star Wars universe. With Star Wars for Kinect ($49.99), fans will truly feel the Force within as they use themselves to control the action onscreen.

Gameplay is broken up into five different modes, each one set in familiar scenes from the films. In the main mode, you’ll harness the powers of the Jedi to help you take on the bad guys. Using Kinect’s motion-sensing camera, you’ll learn to wield a lightsaber with the swing of your arms and to thrust your hands forward to summon the Force. In the high-flying Podracing mode, players can compete in single races or play in story mode. And dance fans will enjoy busting a move in Galactic Dance Off mode to earn stars and unlock additional songs.

But while these added elements are good and fun, it’s the action-packed lightsaber duels that make players feel like true Jedi Knights. Co-op mode lets a friend share in the excitement, too. May the Force be with the both of you. 

Watch a demo of the game in the video below:

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