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L2M Hits the Silver Screen

TFK talks to the musicians who will star in a new series on YouTube

May 18, 2017

Music group L2M stars in a new YouTube Red series, Hyperlinked, which debuts on May 31.

In February, TFK Kid Reporter Priya Bhakta visited YouTube Space LA in Los Angeles, California. During her visit she talked to the band Listening to Music (L2M) about their new YouTube series, Hyperlinked. It is one of several new shows that will soon be available on the YouTube Kids app through YouTube.

A Space To Create

YouTube Space LA was made to give video creators the advanced resources they need to make new and exciting videos. The building is one of the many spaces YouTube has created for aspiring YouTube stars to use for filming series, music videos, and more. YouTube also has locations in London, Tokyo, and São Paulo. YouTube Space LA has several stages and sets for filming and classes to help aspiring stars improve their work. The campus also includes a café, arcade, lounge, outdoor amphitheater, screening room, and makeup room.

TFK Kid Reporter Priya Bhakta (center) poses with the stars of Hyperlinked.
TFK Kid Reporter Priya Bhakta (center) poses with the stars of Hyperlinked.

Making a Band

L2M is made up of five best friends — Mackenzie, Tati, Jenna, Mariangelli, and Lexi — who all love to sing and dance. The group formed when the five girls were chosen to write the LEGO Friends movie theme song, “Girlz.” Since then, the group members, who have become best friends, have released more songs, including, “Incredible,” “B.E.A.T.,” and “Living For the Rhythm.” In December 2016, L2M signed a record deal with Warner Brothers.

“Since I was younger, I’ve always loved music and the thought of recording, performing, and all of that stuff,” Mariangelli told TFK.

L2M’s music highlights girl power—and empowerment for everyone. This attitude shines through in their new show, Hyperlinked.

For Girls by Girls

Kid Reporter
Priya Bhakta

Hyperlinked is about four best friends who create a website to help one of their little sisters and her friends deal with growing up. They give advice on how to deal with mean girls, boys, and other hardships kids experience.

“My favorite thing about the website that helps girls is the girl-to-girl wall,” Jenna told TFK. “It’s where girls can ask questions and other girls can answer about how they would go through the situation.”

The show is inspired by a true story. The actresses in Hyperlinked each say their personality is similar to that of their character in the show.

“The coolest part is you have to play best friends so it’s not really hard when you’re working with your best friends,” Tati said.

The best friends and band mates sing the show’s theme song and choreograph the dances in the music videos. You can listen to L2M’s music now and watch Hyperlinked this spring.

Watch a clip from the show below.



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