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Here are some of the letters we’ve gotten in our email bag recently

February 10, 2012

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Recapping the Year

Thank you for the wonderful magazines you make us. I especially like the one about “The Coolest Inventions of 2011” (12/9). I really like the flying yacht. I also like the Necomimi headband. I would like to be able to tell people's feelings. —Dianne

My favorite TFK issue was the one about the earthquake in Japan, with the lady on the cover (“Year in Pictures,” 12/16).  I think that the picture of her really represents the earthquake in Japan because it shows how terrible it was and, in the background, it shows all of the things that the earthquake did.  —Lizzie K., 11, NC

Election Issues

I really enjoyed the new TFK article, “Who Will Win?” (1/13). This article was a great discussion topic with my parents on their political views because it taught me important information and facts about some of the people who may soon be running our nation. Here is a question I have for the candidates: What are their ideas to make sure that no one illegally gets into the U.S., while still letting immigrants find freedom in the U.S.? This article was a great discussion topic and source of information. —Lindsay H.

Your article on the election was great. I hope you write another good one in 2016. I’d like Mitt Romney to win because he knows what it’s like to be in power, and he knows there’s more to it than just making new laws. —Nick, 11, NC

I think the “Who Will Win” issue was amazing. It helped me understand elections better. I have some questions for the candidates: What’s your plan to create more jobs in America? This affects me because I moved twice because of it. Another one is: Do you plan on increasing taxes? This is important to me because it means less money for important household items. Also: Do you plan on increasing teacher pay? This affects me because my aunt is a teacher and works hard for little pay. —Allison B., NC

Tiny Creatures

I love your article “The Tiniest Frog” (1/27). The facts are very interesting. My favorite fact was that the frog is a quarter of an inch. I think it is amazing that the people found the frog by putting the pile of leaves, where the sound was coming from, in a plastic bag and waiting for the frog to appear. I think this tiny frog is extraordinary. —Eric K., 4th Grade, NY

I thought it was neat that you had articles on two of the world's smallest animals with the frog and the dog (“Little Lucy,” 1/27). All I can say is “wow” on how small Lucy is. My dogs are about four times that size, and I thought that my dogs were small. Keep the interesting facts coming, and I will keep reading. —Jack P., 5th Grade, NC


I read your article about the Costa Concordia sinking (“Disaster at Sea,” 1/27), and I am quite amazed. A captain's most important job is to stay with his/her ship, and yet Captain Schettino may have abandoned his. I am glad that he is under house arrest because people died because of his acts! —Alex H., 10, NC

I couldn't wait to read the article on the cruise because I listened to it on the news, but I wanted to hear what you would report. I loved the chart you put in the article showing how the captain went off course. —Jamie H., 11, NC

Cool Room

I like your article called “Snapshot: DOTS ALL, FOLKS!" (1/27) I think it is interesting how the artist allowed children to place thousands of stickers anywhere they wanted in an all-white room. The after picture looks amazing. —Jack K., 10, NC

I love your magazines! At school, I just got the January 27th issue. My brother, Jake, loved the fact that a lot of kids covered a white room with stickers.  I hope he doesn’t get any ideas...  —Caitlin S., 9, OR

Inspiring Chef

I really liked your story about Jack Witherspoon, the boy who loves to cook (“America’s Next Top Chef,” 1/27). I think that it is cool that he gives the money from cooking to help find the cure to cancer. —Ellen

I am so glad that people like Jack Witherspoon are cooking! I am very interested in cooking. I hope that more of our generation will decide to start cooking for fun. I am going to get the book because the money goes to a great cause. —Halsey Z., 10, NC

Letter from a Poet

Dear TFK,

Here is a poem I wrote about how great you are. Enjoy!

Your greatness is clear as glass.

You take upon your great reading mast.

You leave us flabbergasted with your great facts.

Hail TFK!

Thanks for making TFK. I love it and can't wait to get the next issue. —Izaiah H., 10, NC

Editor’s note: Thanks for the great poem, Izaiah! We hope you and other aspiring poets enter funny poems into our poetry contest. Find out more at

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