2014 Summer Book Reviews

The Luck Uglies

By Paul Durham

June 27, 2014

Genre: Fantasy

Number of pages: 400

What’s the basic story line?

Riley O’Chanter is an adventurous girl who lives in Village Drowning, a town surrounded by bogs, during the late Middle Ages. She likes to read, but in Drowning, girls are not allowed to read. That’s because a mean earl runs the town. Legend has it that terrible beasts called Bog Noblins once terrorized Drowning. A secret society called the Luck Uglies conquered the creatures once and for all—or so they thought. Then one day, a Bog Noblin materializes and residents of Drowning are once again living in fear. To save the town, Riley must seek help from the Luck Uglies.

Are the characters believable?

Kid Reporter
Raphael Chambers

The characters are quite believable. Most personify a specific trait: cowardice, sympathy, malice, courage, protectiveness, or adventure.

Who would like this book?

This is an adventure book for quest-loving kids. The plot is not overly complex, yet the book has mystery enough to befuddle and tantalize readers.



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