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The Mighty Miss Malone

By Christopher Paul Curtis

December 12, 2011

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Number of Pages: 320

What's the basic story line?

The Malones are an African-American family living in Gary, Indiana, in the late 1930s. The dad leaves to find work while the mom, brother Jimmie and main character, Deza, are kicked out of their rented house. They stay briefly in Chicago before hopping onto the boxcar of a freight train and stopping in Flint, Michigan, at a homeless camp. They stay there for a while, during which time Jimmie, a talented singer, meets a man who plays the harmonica really well. They set off to find work performing. Everybody else in the homeless camp is ordered out by the police, and Deza and her mom try to find a place to live. When they do, Deza's mom finds a job at a hotel. The story describes how families like Deza's had to go their separate ways in order to find work, but how they longed to be back together. Perseverance and determination helps them through, along with assistance from unexpected places.

Kid Reporter
Claire Duncan

Are the characters believable?

The characters are believable because the author describes what life was really like during the Great Depression. Deza and her family members are brought to life by the descriptions of their challenges and their lives at that time.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would you rate this book?

I enjoyed this book and would rate it a 9! The author provides many good descriptions, and it made me feel that I was in the story with the characters. I wished the best for the Malones and hoped for a happy ending.

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