2014 Summer Book Reviews

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

By Dana Alison Levy

June 27, 2014

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Number of pages: 272

What’s the basic story line?

The Fletcher kids—Frog, Eli, Jax, and Sam—are about to start a new year at school. Papa and Dad are worried that Frog, who is in kindergarten, will have trouble making friends. Eli is entering fourth grade at a new school where all the students are smart, which he thinks will be a great fit for him. Jax is excited about starting fourth grade, but not so excited about the stinky new neighbor. Sam, the soccer star, is entering sixth grade. He faces a tough choice between practicing for the elite team tryouts and auditioning for the school play. Join this family on a wild adventure through the school year.

Kid Reporter
Raymond Baartmans

Are the characters believable?

Yes. The kids range from kindergarten to sixth grade, so readers of those age ranges will be able to relate to the characters. The Family Fletcher has a set of rules the kids must follow, as most families do. And the brothers get into small quarrels occasionally, like most brothers. Plus, they participate in many activities that kids enjoy, such as sports, games, and acting.

Who would like this book?

This book would entertain readers from 6 to 13 years old. The vocabulary is not too complex, making it easy for younger readers to understand. This book would be good for the whole family to read aloud because there are funny parts and life lessons.

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