Mitt Romney

TFK 2012 Person of the Year Nominee

November 28, 2012


Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney devoted 2012 to running for President of the United States. Romney’s ideas for recovering the economy and reducing the national debt moved him into the national spotlight. During the primaries, he defeated many Republican politicians to earn the party’s official candidacy. On August 30, 2012, during the Republican National Convention, in Tampa Florida, Romney officially accepted the Republican nomination for President. He selected Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. On Election Day, Romney received more than 58 million votes. But more Americans voted to reelect President Obama.

Romney was born on March 12, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan. He is the youngest of four siblings. After earning business and law degrees from Harvard University, Mitt Romney spent most of his career as a successful businessman. Romney also helped organize and steer the 2002 Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Romney’s work on the Olympics helped him gain national recognition. He served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007.

Romney and his wife, Ann, have five adult sons and 18 grandchildren. Romney is active as a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). His role in the public eye has helped many Americans learn more about Mormonism.

For his willingness to serve the nation and his commitment to the political process, Mitt Romney is a nominee for TFK’s 2012 Person of the Year.

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