Nordic Combined

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January 10, 2014


The Nordic Combined is made up of two events, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. The sport first appeared as an individual event at the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France, in 1924. The team event was added in 1998. The sprint event was introduced four years later.

The Rules of the Game

Skiers compete in the Individual Normal Hill event, the Individual Large Hill event, and the team event. In the Individual Normal Hill event, athletes begin with one jump on the normal hill, then a six-mile cross-country race. The first skier to cross the finish line is the winner. In the Individual Large Hill event, as in the Normal Hill, skiers begin with one jump, this time on a higher hill followed by a six-mile race.

The last part of the Nordic Combined is the team event. Each team includes four skiers, and each athlete jumps once on the high hill. The team score is added to determine who will head up the race. In this event, the six-mile race is a relay, where each person skis for a little more than a mile. The team whose skier crosses the line first wins.

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