Summer Book Review

Now Is the Time for Running

By Michael Williams

May 01, 2011


Genre: Realistic Fiction

Number of pages: 225

What's the basic story line?

Deo and his mentally challenged brother, Innocent, flee their hometown in Zimbabwe after soldiers kill their parents. They escape to South Africa. Along the way, they face many obstacles, including a dangerous border crossing and discrimination against refugees in South Africa. The brothers travel together until a tragedy occurs and Deo's life is turned upside down once again. Just when you think every ounce of hope is gone, Deo's passion for soccer gets him back on his feet.

Are the characters believable?

Each character author Michael Williams introduces is realistic, especially Innocent, Deo's mentally handicapped brother. Innocent screams and has fits from time to time. Deo does his best to look after his older brother, and must step in as his father figure. The bond the brothers share reminds me of my relationships with my family members.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would you rate this book?

I would rate this book a solid 9. Now Is the Time for Running is touching and deep. At the same time, it's brisk-paced and a definite page-turner. This book opened my mind to the countries of Africa and how important it is not to judge people based on their background. The book is educational, breathtaking and inspiring, all in one.


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