PlayStation Vita

Take a peek at the fun new features offered by Sony's newest handheld gaming console

April 10, 2012

Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld console is changing the way we play games.

Sony is changing the gaming world with its latest handheld offering, the PlayStation Vita (starting at $249). This sleek new device is packed with high-tech features that are sure to satisfy players who want that extra little oomph. Like other handheld consoles, Vita comes equipped with a front and rear camera, a touch screen and motion sensors. But what sets it apart are the rear touchpad feature and the ability to connect the device with your PlayStation 3. That’s right—that means any game you start on PS3, you can finish on Vita.

Little Deviants puts to use many of Vita's fun features including the front and rear touchpad, the front and rear camera, motion sensor and microphone.
Little Deviants puts to use many of Vita's fun features including the front and rear touchpads and cameras, motion sensor and microphone.

The rear touchpad allows players to interact with games in a unique way. When gameplay calls for it, simply move your fingers along the rear touchpad to control objects on the front of the screen. One title that uses this feature well is the puzzle game Touch My Katamari ($29.99, Rated E10+). In the game, your mission is to roll up as many bits and bobs as possible into a huge Katamari ball. The rear touchpad enhances gameplay by letting players use their fingers to stretch or pinch the ball, pick up several objects at once or squeeze through a narrow gap.

Other worth-while titles available for Vita include: the fun-filled Little Deviants ($29.99), which makes use of several Vita features; the always magical LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-7 ($49.99); and the high-speed Ridge Racer ($29.99). Vita is also compatible with more than 250 PlayStation Portable digital titles.

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